Games suck…

Posted in Uncategorized on April 6, 2009 by dakotawatts

So I’m in love with this game called The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (though Morrowind’s storyline is better) but it has the wonderful tendancy of screwing up if it’s not handled with care. What I mean is, I download mods constantly every day and add them in, if it’s not loaded in a certain order or installed a certain way it won’t work. It’s fairly annoying and if it does screw up I have uninstall and reinstall the whole thing… again. Lord knows how many times I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the stupid game. I’m just about done uninstalling it all. Now I have to reinstall.


Posted in Life on April 5, 2009 by dakotawatts

So I went shopping today and it was a total blast! But there was a bit where I was stalked but fortunately he was lost in a very large department store. Anywho, I got the most ADORABLE blue dress, a leather belt, and a cute glass heart necklace (which by the way was imported from Italy!).

Anywho that was my day. :3

Yay! Spring break!

Posted in Life on April 4, 2009 by dakotawatts

Ugh I’m so happy it’s spring break. I’m so done with school… of course I still have like… 5 more years.. but whatever. I’m pretty much going to vege and do pretty much nothing productive. Weelll I might write depending on my mood, we shall see ya? ^_^


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